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 We are very excited to announce that we were selected as the Pet Sitters International‘s Pet Sitters of the Year for 2022!

We are on a mission to help people and their pets live a full and happy life.

All pets deserve to have a loving, caring family that is dedicated to their wellbeing, meeting all of their needs. Our mission is to help pets and their humans life happy and fulfilling lives together, and we want you to have access to the best information out there. You can find our free resources here, and you can also join our community of pet lovers over at Lucky Pup Living and Lucky Pup Explorers.

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When Life Gets Hard

When we are focused on giving our pets their best life – along with keeping up on all the other obligations and responsibilities we have in life – it can be hard to find the support we need and want to live our own best life.

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Fill Your Dog’s Cup

As great dog owners, we are often thinking of ways to give our dogs more Best Days in their life. Their time with us is so short and we want to make sure we make the most of what we have together.

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Dog Friendly Neighborhoods

Living a full and happy life often means having places to safely go with our dogs. What makes for a friendly or non-friendly neighborhood – and what does that mean for us dog guardians?

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How We Got Started

We believe in the power of story. Our dogs and pets have a profound impact on our lives, and I wanted to tell about our Lucky Pup origin. Like so many great stories, ours starts with a dog.

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All About Poop (Pickup!)

If you have a dog you know that there is a lot of poop involved. No one loves to pick up poop – especially when you have to carry it with you – but it is an important part of being a great dog owner.

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Your Dog’s Best Day

If your dog could have a Best Day Ever, what would that look like? Let’s make sure our dogs have a really great life together with us, with plenty of Best Days Ever.

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Joint Support for Dogs

Joint health is one of the most important aspects of helping our dogs live a full and happy life. However, there is so much information out there, where do you as your pet’s guardian even begin??

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Dog-Friendly Vacations

Trips and vacations are always an exciting time, and it is even better if we can share that with our pets! But, it is important to ask: is your pup going to have a good time on your vacation?

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