Pet Care Services & Pricing

We offer a variety of pet care services to meet your needs. Whether it’s pet sitting, dog walking or special services, Lucky Pup Adventures is here for you and your pets!

Choose Easy And Convenient Pet Care In-Your-Home

It’s time to enjoy your hard-earned vacation! Skipping trips because you don’t have anyone you trust to take care of your pets? Spend your whole day worrying about your pets instead of relaxing?

Hiring a pro to come into your home can give you the confidence you need to enjoy traveling again. We provide updates, photos, and keep you informed of what is going on a home so you can focus on your time away.

Benefits of In-Your-Home Pet Care

  • Convenient scheduling – Don’t waste precious time packing for your dog. We come to you, so there is nothing to pack and no pick-up or drop-off times to manage.
  • They can rest easy – Kennels can be loud and a stranger’s home is always stressful. Your pets will rest easy in the comfort of their own home, in their own bed.
  • Mind their manners – Manners and house rules are always enforced with you are away.  You won’t come home to a pet who has forgotten their manners.
  • Administer medications – Pets of all ages need medications. From  pills, liquid medications, or insulin shots, we have experience delivering medications of all kinds.


Three Visits per day – $78
This is our most popular option! Includes a morning, midday, and bedtime visit. Prorated half day options available on first and last days of travel.

Four Visits per day – $104
For dogs or puppies who like more frequent visits: breakfast, midday, dinnertime, and bedtime.  Prorated half day options available on first and last days of travel.

One visit per day – $26
Great for cats and other small animals. Enough time to play, clean litter boxes or habitats, and refill food dishes.

Two visits per day – $40-52
Great for cats and other small animals who prefer or need two visits per day. Enough time to play, clean litter boxes or habitats, and refill food dishes.

Upgrades available – $10 each
Upgrade your visit! Extended visits are perfect for getting a longer walk or playtime, or dogs who need more care, larger pet families, or dogs who prefer more company.

Customized Midday Visits For Your Pups

Life can be hectic. Between all of your work, family, and life responsibilities it can be hard to prioritize our dog’s health and well-being. We all want to live up to the “rockstar humans” image our dog’s have of us by choosing the best for them, but there are only so many hours in the day to get it all done.

We know that we need to make the most of their time in our home, but we can’t always do it all ourselves. Good news: you don’t have to do it alone. Our dog walking experts are here for you!

No more cramming in a late night dog walk, skipping activities with friends, or rushing across town on your “lunch break” because your pups need some exercise or a potty break. Let our professional team take care of your pup so you can focus on your day.

Benefits of Midday Visits

  • Potty breaks – Take time back in your day and give your schedule a break! We provide your pup with midday relief so you can worry about one less thing in your day.
  • Short term relief – Changes like adding to your family or having surgery can disrupt your routine. We can provide short term exercise or breaks so you can focus elsewhere.
  • Improving manners – The best way to keep leash manners sharp is with consistency! We work to improve their skills while they explore the neighborhood.
  • Energy drain -Sometimes dogs have more energy than a walk can handle! We can play energy draining games to help them feel happy and tired.


Short Walk or Potty Break – $20
A great option for dogs who just need a short visit during the day! A quick walk down the block, a run around the backyard, or a short play session will break up their midday and help you know they are getting some relief.

Standard Walk or Potty Break – $26
Our most popular option! Dogs will enjoy playtime, a walk, or a cuddle session to add a fun break in their day. We specialize in providing your pup with both mental and physical exercise to keep them healthy and happy!

Extended Walk or Potty Break – $36
Sometimes a quick trip around the block just isn’t enough! Extended visits allow us time to play more intense games with your pup, give multiple pets a longer solo-walk, and provide a really enriching midday break.

Upgrade to an Outing – additional $20
Turn any regular walk to a true adventure! We take your dog on their own Lucky Pup Adventure! Your dog will get to explore an outdoor park, trail, or new location for a fun new experience!

Pet Care For Life’s Changes​

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and all we can do is work with the changes and challenges that come our way. Sometimes these changes are expected, and sometimes they are unexpected. Either way, we can help provide the consistency your pet craves when your world is changing.

  • Selling your home – Can’t make it home to take your dog out before a showing or during an inspections? We attend to your pet and give your schedule a break.
  • Surgery or illness – Focus on your health while we focus on your pet’s needs. Playtime, walks and litter box cleaning can ease your burden while getting well.
  • New child assistance – Headed to the hospital? Arrange for “on-call” pet sitting until you come home.  After that, we can cross “walk the dog” off your To Do list!
  • Traveling – Traveling with pets means they sometimes have to stay at the hotel for a day. We can give them their own adventure instead!

We love helping families start on the right path with their new puppy! About three times per year we host Puppy Life Skills Classes in Sioux Falls, and once per month we team up with Tenacious Dog Training for Puppy and Adolescent Playtime. At Puppy Playtime we help teach puppy owners how to help their puppy make new friends and set them up for success in life together.

Sign up for Puppy Playtime and Socialization here.

Our Lucky Pup Guide will show you how to build a happy and fulfilling life together with your dog that you BOTH love. If you already have a dog, this guide will help you identify, prioritize, and empower you to make small but life-altering changes. A solid foundation is what all relationships are built on, and we can’t wait to help.

Looking for an in-person class right now? Check out group classes and private training with Tenacious Dog Training!

Aquarium Keepers LogoAquariums are an investment and require highly specialized care.  Our aquarium experts can monitor your tank, feed fish and corals, and provide any scheduled or necessary maintenance while you’re away. Don’t leave your investment in the hands of just anyone!! 
Click over to learn about our sister business – Aquarium Keepers – for more information.

We never have hidden fees for additional pets, or for administering medications or injections.  Find answers to our Frequently Asked Questions.  Still have questions, send a note or give us a call!

We are insured and references are available.  Listed prices are for homes within Sioux Falls, Tea, Harrisburg, and Brandon. Ask about our for additional mileage fee for other communities.  We welcome pets of all sizes, types, breeds, ages, and abilities. All services will be charged city and state sales tax.  Visits falling on federal holidays incur a 50% Holiday Fee. Additional services, like medication and key pick-up and drop-off, may be added for a fee. Please allow two full weeks from service inquiry to first travel date for all new clients.  This allows everyone plenty of time to ensure we are a good fit for you and for your pet.

Join our Lucky Pup Family in three easy steps!


Schedule your New Client meeting!

Give us a call or send an email with your questions!  Tell us what visit schedule you would like, what your travel schedule is, and anything else we need to know about your family to serve you best.  When you are ready to book, follow this link to schedule your New Client meeting!

We prepare & plan

At our New Client meeting, we come to your home to meet you and your pets. We learn all about your pets, including what they like and don’t like, and we take detailed notes on everything we need to know in order to care for them while you are away and give them the best time possible.

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You tell us when to start!

We provide dedicated care in the comfort of your pet’s home. Whether you are taking a day trip, and overnight, or are gone for several weeks, we are here for you! You will never wonder what they are up to – we send detailed reports for each visit to your email and our phone app!