Fear Free Professionals

We are proud to be Fear Free Certified Professionals.

We believe all pets deserve a Fear Free life and to be cared for by professionals who take extra care to provide stress-free experiences.

As Fear Free Certified Professionals, we are a cut above the rest when it comes to caring for your best friend. Having completed special education with stringent testing, Fear Free Certified Professionals not only look out for your pets’ physical care but also their emotional wellbeing. We understand how to help fearful, anxious, or stressed out pets feel comfortable with us. 

We also believe in connecting our clients to other Fear Free professionals in the Sioux Falls area. Below you will find a list of Fear Free Certified Professionals, as well as individuals who take extra care to provide low-stress experiences for their clients.

Fear Free Veterinarians

All City Pet Care Emergency Hospital
            Katherine Fiedler – Veterinarian
            Kayla Schaerfer – Veterinarian
            Elexis Shultz – technician

All City Pet Care East
            Charity L. Arens – Veterinarian

Heather Ridge Pet Hospital
            Angela Anderson – Veterinarian
            Mary Kaufman – Veterinarian
            Jenny Clementson- Veterinarian
            Merisa VanDeMore – technician
           Abby German – technician
            Heidi Skancke – technician

Fear Free Pet Professionals

Lucky Pup Adventures
            Morgan Andenas Weber – Pet Sitter
            Leah Hanson – Pet Sitter

Tenacious Dog Training
          Maggie Pearson – Certified Dog Trainer

Other Recommended Pros

Integrative Veterinarian
          Windhorse Vet Practice (in Sioux Falls on Tuesdays)

These recommendations are made based on the best informational available to us. It is still the responsibility of the individual pet owner to do their own investigation to find a pet professional that they feel comfortable with and that best meets their needs. We hold no responsibility for the choices made by pet owners based on information provided on this website.