Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to our most common questions.

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First, schedule your New Client meeting. Follow the link on our contact page and pick a time that is convenient for us to visit you and your pets. New Client meetings usually take around 45 minutes and we like to complete them around 7-10 days before your first trip. You can schedule your New Client meeting for the future. We can also update the time and date of our meeting as we get closer to our travel date.

Once your New Client meeting is on our calendar, we invite you to our exclusive web- and app-based Client Program. We also reserve your travel dates or your preferred walking schedule on our calendar.

We visit families in Sioux Falls, Brandon, Tea, and Harrisburg at no additional cost. If you live outside of these towns, please reach out. We do charge a small additional mileage and time fee for families outside our core service area.

Yes! Your pets get to stay at home and we travel to come see them. Most pets – especially shy or senior pets and cats – much prefer to stay in their own home. They get to stay with all of their things and in all of their favorite places. Not only is your pet happy at home, this saves you time and hassle needing to delivery them or have them dropped off with all of their things.

No! We love pets of all types! We have cared for dogs, cats, reptiles, farm animals, large and small aquarium systems, small mammals like guinea pigs and ferrets, birds, and more. We love learning about new pets and how to best care for them.

No! Our listed fees are for all pets in the house. We do not charge extra for extra pets. However, if you have a large crew of pets to care for, we may need to extend some of our visits at an additional cost to ensure that everyone gets the time and care they need.

We never charge extra for medications, additional pets, or walks. Those are all included in the cost of our services. We do charge an extra holiday fee on major holidays like New Years Eve, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Those days (not the days surrounding the holiday) incur an additional 50% fee. For example, we charge our Holiday Rate on Thanksgiving, but not the Wednesday before or the Friday after.

Yes! Holidays are usually our busiest times of the year. Because of this, we often fill up at the holidays. To avoid this, please book your services early! As a thank you to our team for working on the major holidays instead of spending time with their own families, we do charge an additional holiday fee. Please see the question above for more information about our Holiday Rates.

Yes! We are happy to administer medications, including insulin. However, the pet must be trained in taking their medications and be a cooperative patient. We do not charge any additional fees for administering medications.

Yes! We love dogs of all types! Regardless of breed, dogs must be comfortable with our team coming into their home. If your dog is nervous or shy, see the answer to the question below.

Yes! We love pets of all personality types! However, all pets must be comfortable with our team coming into their home before we will complete our first visit without you at home. If your pet is nervous or shy, we can schedule multiple pre-trip or pre-walk visits to help them feel comfortable. We schedule these additional visits at our regular rates. If your pet is nervous or shy, please schedule your New Client meeting with plenty of time before your departure date to complete these additional visits.

We visit pets as long as it is safe for our team to do so. 

In the case of dog walking, we visit dogs on their assigned day and time. If the weather conditions are not conducive to walking (moderate rain, extreme hot or cold temperatures, or icy sidewalk conditions) we will give the dogs a potty break and then play inside instead.

In the case of pet sitting, our team will do their rounds to the best of their abilities. However, there are times when we physically cannot make it to a home. This is occasionally the case in the winter where roads are impassable. In this case, we will be in contact with the owners or the owner’s emergency contact to arrange for assistance from a neighbor or close family friend.

In the case of extreme weather conditions, we occasionally need to alter the length of our visits in order to be safe and maintain our scheduled rounds. If a visit length is altered significantly (changed by more than 50%), a credit towards a future visit will be issued to your account. This includes instances of flooding, severe thunderstorms, and winter storms.

Yes, however we prefer to receive (2) working copies of your home key. We are not responsible for key, door code, or electronic lock failure. If we cannot get into a home because of a malfunctioning door or garage code, a power outage, or other circumstance such as an incorrect key, that time is deducted from our visit length. Things such as power outages, old batteries, or temperamental keypads can significantly effect our efficiency. Because of this, we prefer to have standard keys from our clients.

We know what we are best at, and that is visiting your pets! Because of this, we are not available to move snow. It is a family’s responsibility to arrange for snow removal in their absence. If we are not able to access a home because of failure to remove snow in a timely manner, we will contact the owner and their emergency contact for assistance.