Training for the Family Dog

Morgan started her pet career as a dog foster parent and saw firsthand how a lack of knowledge and training led to the breakup of families with their dogs. Families would desire a pet, but not understand how to address behaviors with the proper training. 

Known by her clients as the “fun Aunt” to their pets, she helps her clients relieve stress and anxiety, create and practice foundation manners, and establish “house rules” to help their home run smoothly. 

Morgan is sharing her expertise to new and existing dog owners by teaching them her signature Lucky Pups Method. This four-part approach helps dog owners understand their dog’s needs, correct bad behaviors, replace them with good ones, and integrate their dog fully into the family so that they all can have the best life possible. 

Whether you prefer group classes or private sessions, we can help you

Dog Manners Training 1

Teach house manners.  You’ll learn tips and strategies to help you have a better behaved and more manageable dog.

Dog Manners Training 2

Prepare for a puppy!  Learn how to set your puppy up to be the best they can be!

Dog Manners Training 3

Add a dog to your home!  Adding a new dog can be challenging! You’ll learn about the process of finding a new dog, and what to do once they come home.

Dog Manners Training 4

Manage & decrease reactivity.  Having a reactive dog is difficult. You will learn management techniques and training skills to help reduce reactivity.

Dog Manners Training 5

Build a great relationship.  All great friendships need a strong foundation!  You’ll learn tips and tricks for establishing or fixing a relationship with your dog.

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Dog Manners Training 6

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This guide is designed especially for first-time dog owners; people who feel something is missing or feel stuck with their dog; and prospective dog owners who want to start off their dog-owning adventure with the best information.