Training for the Family Dog

As a dog foster parent, Morgan saw firsthand the experiences and difficulties that led to the breakup of families with their dogs. Families often wanted to live a full life together with their dog or puppy, but not have all of the tools or knowledge to be successful.

Clients relieve stress and anxiety and create foundation practices to help their home run smoothly. They learn how to incorporate their pup’s favorite activities into their every day lives, leading to happy people and a happy pup!

Morgan shares her expertise to new and existing dog owners by teaching them her signature Lucky Pup Method. This approach helps dog owners understand their dog’s needs, address problem behaviors and replace them with good ones, and practice the skills they need so they and their pups all can have the best life possible together. 

Our group classes can help you:


Teach house manners.  You’ll learn tips and strategies to help you have a better behaved and more manageable dog.


Prepare for a puppy!  Learn how to set your puppy up to be the best they can be!


Add a dog to your home!  Adding a new dog can be challenging! You’ll learn about the process of finding a new dog, and what to do once they come home.


Build a great relationship.  All great friendships need a strong foundation!  You’ll learn tips and tricks for establishing or fixing a relationship with your dog.

Ready to get started?

Can't make it to an in-person class? Get our Lucky Pup Guide!

Our Lucky Pup Guide gives dog owners the tools to get unstuck with their dog.  We work on building relationships and empowering dog parents to live their best life together with their dog. 

This guide is perfect for first-time dog owners, people who feel something is missing or who feel stuck with their dog, and prospective dog owners who want to start off their dog-owning adventure with the best information. This five-part guide lays the ground work for a long and happy life together with your dog.  We cover the important topics of how to live a great life with your dog and includes our “secret sauce” formula for having a Lucky Pup.

This online guide takes you through our step-by-step process with videos and worksheets. Your access never expires and you can use it again and again.