Finding a Trainer

Many of us will need the help of a qualified dog trainer, but sometimes finding a certified, well-trained dog trainer can be hard! Here are a few resources to consider, as well as a list of Red Light-Green Light questions to ask yourself and any trainer you are interviewing to help you:

Fear Free Holidays

Holidays can be a happy and fun time for the people in your house, but they can be pretty scary or unnerving for the pets in our homes. Here are a few tips to help you make the holidays enjoyable – or at least tolerable – for your pets.

The Premack Principle

The Premack Principle states that for any two behaviors, the one that’s more likely (or that your dog prefers) can reinforce, or strengthen, the one that’s less likely (and that you might prefer). Instead of trying to get our dogs to ignore whatever excites and distracts them, we can use those excitements and distractions as rewards.