Does My Dog Love Other Dogs?

The result of dog-to-dog interactions and the sociability of individual dogs can have many variables. Not only can these interactions change depending on the personalities of individual dogs, you dog’s sociability is likely to change throughout their life. If you’ve ever wonder why your dog was social one day, but not the next, or thought about bringing a new dog into your home, it is important to know where they might fit on this scale. This is a great article that digs more into the subject.

How NOT to Greet a Dog

There are many ways out there that tell you how to greet a dog. This poster will illustrate some of these. The biggest thing to do remember is that we do want to invite pets to interact with us. We don’t reach out or go to them, but we let them come to us instead.

Space Etiquette For Dogs

While the term DINOS (Dogs In Need Of Space) is often used to describe dogs that really don’t like other dogs in their space, we should extend the courtesy of space to ALL dogs unless explicitly and enthusiastically verbalized by the owner. Don’t be afraid to be the advocate your dog needs!!

Dog Body Language

Dogs have so many different ways of expressing how they are feeling. The placement of their feet and tail, ears, eyes, and how they shift their body weight all give us clues into how they are feeling. When reading body language, we want to look at the whole cat and all of their body language signs. Some pets can give mixed signals, so you want to consider all of the signals they are giving you.

Indoor Games for Cats and Dogs

When our pets get bored, they start to get into behaviors such as making more noise, chewing and clawing items they shouldn’t, and start to get into trouble! By tapping into those instincts and channeling them in a constructive way, we can have calm and happy pets.