Benefits of In Home Care

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Hiring a pro can give you the confidence you need to enjoy traveling. 

We provide updates, photos, and keep you informed of what is going on a home so you can focus on your time away.
From dogs to cats, bunnies, small mammals, reptiles, backyard chickens, aquariums, horses, and birds, we love to care for pets of all types.

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benefits of In-Your-Home Pet Care

Why do we come to you?

Pets are most comfortable in their own home. They have their favorite places to rest, their toys, and their routine. Not only will your pet get to rest easy in the comfort of their own home, our at home care is also convenient and easy for you! We meet once in your home (or several times if your pet needs more time to warm up) and then you can request services from the convenience of our online program!

All are welcome.

We have experience with pets of all types, ages, medical needs, and species.  Have a special pet?  Let’s chat!
We welcome dogs of all breeds, include German Shepards, bully breeds and bully mixes, Rotties, etc.  We love dogs of all kinds!

We administer medications.

Pets of all ages need medications!  Whether your pet needs twice daily insulin, pills, or salves, we are happy to care for your pet and administer their medications. This service is at no additional cost to you!

Expert aquarium care.

Aquariums are an investment and require highly specialized care.  Our aquarium experts can monitor your tank, feed fish and corals, and provide any scheduled or necessary maintenance while you’re away. Don’t leave your investment in the hands of just anyone!! 
Click over to learn about our sister business – Aquarium Keepers – for more information.

Special Circumstances

Sometimes life sends a speed bump, a special gift, or a new adventure! When this happens, your schedule might be a little out of sorts for a week, a month, or a few months. We are happy to provide our services for as long or as little as necessary to help get back to normal. Have a friend going through a tough stretch? Send them a gift certificate for in-their-home pet care or dog walking and show them how much you care!

Examples of how you can find relief with our services include:

  • Starting a business – Add some predictability back in your dog’s schedule with midday walks or potty breaks

  • Adding to your family – Congratulations on the new baby or child! It takes time to focus on and support the new kiddo, but your dog would still love to have their regular walks! Not only will walks help provide routine and additional structure to their day, but they will enjoy some “all about them” time!

  • Surgery or health complications – You might have your mobility or activities restricted after surgery or with health complications, but that doesn’t mean your dog has to be restricted, too. We can help!

  • Litter box help – Sometimes all you need is some help keeping the litter box clean. Cats prefer to always have a clean litter box, but sometimes life gets in the way!  Whether you can’t bend over, lift heavy bags of replacement litter, or have health issues that prevent you from cleaning the boxes yourself, we are happy to help!