When Life Gets Hard

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When we are focused on giving our pets their best life – along with keeping up on all the other obligations and responsibilities we have in life – it can be hard to find the support we need and want to live our own best life. 

Andi Meltzer and I got together for a casual conversation and the topic came to the importance of finding a community of like-minded people to provide support.

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As dedicated pet owners who give a damn about their dog’s wellbeing and happiness, it can be hard for others to connect with how we feel or where our motivations come from. When life seems to happen all at once – because isn’t that how it always seems to happen?? – it can feel challenging to keep up with all of your responsibilities and also give your pets a great life. 

When Life Gets Hard 2

We as Big Hearted Humans have a tendency to put ourselves last over the needs of others. We make sure our pets are eating the best food for our budget, that they have proper medical care, that we work on their training, and that we find some time to have fun together. This is all wonderful, but we also tend to forget about the toll this Big Hearted caregiving can take on other parts of our life. While we can’t solve all of life’s challenges or difficulties, we can find a community of like-minded dog lovers to help support us and encourage us forward. They might have tips and tricks for us, or even just letting us know that they can empathize with our struggles. This is one of the reasons we created our Explorer’s program – because everyone needs someone in their corner who understands the challenges of giving a damn about your pet’s wellbeing and can support you along the way. 

Whether you join our community, the experts in the Dog Lovers Club, or you find your own community, everyone needs someone to stand around them on their journey to Living Full, Living Happy.

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