Making Neighborhoods Dog Friendly

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Some of my best friends have come to me because of living life together with my dogs. Living a full and happy life often means having places to safely go with our dogs.

Tracie Lampton and I got together for a casual conversation to chat about what makes a dog friendly neighborhood – and what makes for a non-friendly neighborhood – and what that means for us dog guardians.

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In our chat we discussed the various ways that our neighborhood or community are or are not dog friendly. There were a few things we decided contributed most to whether or not we can enjoy our neighborhoods with our dogs. Let’s get going and talk all about it!!

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  • Too many unattended off leash dogs – Not much diminishes a person and dog’s ability to enjoy their neighborhood more than unattended, off leash dogs. Dogs that run loose are more likely to harass other dogs and animals, get injured, and make difficulties for their neighbors. Time spent together with our dogs is more beneficial to them than unattended yard time is. By staying together with them and keeping them on leash around other on leash dogs, we can create a happier neighborhood for everyone!

  • Finding places to let loose – Dogs do best when they have some time to let loose! Whether they have time to sniff around in a park on a longer leash or it is time to run at an off-leash friendly park, our dogs need time to just be a dog. Off-leash exercise where dogs can open up and run is also important. Some studies show that dogs that only walk on a short leash have a different gait than dogs that have the opportunity to run. If you don’t have a fenced in yard or other safe place available to you, try finding a Sniff Spot –  an AirBnB-style app for finding and renting dog parks and off leash areas hosted by locals.

  • Head out at the right time of day – Some times of day are more or less dog-friendly than others. If your dog has struggles around other dogs, find a time of day where fewer dogs are out and about. This could be early in the morning, midday while others are at work, or maybe later in the evening when others have gone in after dinner.

  • Identify your people – One of the best parts of being a dog owner is finding other dog owners to celebrate and get support. I have found the greatest joy in dog ownership to come when living in partnership together with my dogs. We believe that with a little knowledge, some expert tips, and a strong community of likeminded dog lovers, every family can Live Full, Live Happy — together. 

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