Dog-Friendly Vacations

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Trips and vacations are always an exciting time, and it is even better if we can share that with our pets! But, it is important to ask: is your pup going to have a good time on your vacation?

We’ll be chatting about the questions to ask, how to plan a great trip,  and some of our best insider pro tips to help everyone enjoy your vacation together.

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Here are some top considerations to take into account when planning a dog-friendly vacation:

  • How far will you go?  Will you stay close to home or head further out? Long road trips can be fun, but a stay-cation might be a better choice if your pup doesn’t travel well.

  • How will you get there? Will you drive or fly? Make sure you have taken the steps to keep them safe, calm, and happy no matter how you get there. If you have a dog that is subject to Breed Specific Laws, be sure your route is safe for your pup to travel with you.

  • Where will you stay? Is your dog better suited for a hotel, a rental home, or a campground? Each options has different pros and cons, but you want to make doubly triply sure that where you are staying allows your dog to stay there. Make sure to ask about their policies! They might limit the size or number of dogs, or they might have rules about crating, furniture, or being left unattended.

  • Make sure they are prepared for the unexpected! You are more likely to encounter things out of the ordinary when you are away from home. Is your dog child-friendly? Are they used to the odd noises you’ll experience in a hotel? Can they do flights of stairs or ride in the elevator?

  • Plan out your meals! Are they trained to eat on a patio with you? Can they stay behind in the hotel or rental while you head out to eat? Will you cook at home or do take out? You want to make sure they are safe at all times no matter where you go. Leaving them in the car while you go in to eat is not a safe option!

  • Plan for emergencies. No one likes to think about or plan for the worst case scenario, but it is important! Always have a well-stocked first aid kit, and bring it along with you. Know what kind of emergency situation might come up with your planned activities and be prepared. Need help knowing what and how to plan? Check out our Emergency Preparedness Guide and Workbook! It contains the information you need to create your own emergency plan and first aid kit.


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