Cool Treats for Hot Dogs: Treats to keep your pup cool

We are officially in the hottest days of summer, and while it is hot outside our pets still want to enjoy their favorite activities. We like taking a dip in the pool, enjoying a nap in the shade, or savoring a cold drink, our dogs also need ways to beat the heat. The good news is there are ways our dogs can enjoy these things and stay cool, too! 

We have a few fun activities to help your dogs stay cool while having fun this summer. 

Frozen treats are a fun way to help your dog stay cool. We can make them “doggie smoothie” frozen treats, ice block enrichment toys, and set up a pool or sprinkler for some fun.

The best part about doggie smoothies is they are easy to make. You can use whatever you happen to have at home, but some common ingredients are yogurt, broth, peanut butter, fruit like bananas and strawberries, and canned food, with yummy toppings like blueberries, shredded cheese, bacon bits or shredded meat, and doggie biscuit treats. 

A simple recipe can be adapted for your dog’s favorite tastes: 

Cool Treats for Hot Dogs: Treats to keep your pup cool 1

Frozen Smoothie treats for dogs:

Blend together 3oz yogurt, 3oz water or broth, and a spoonful of peanut butter until it is a pourable consistency. Place ice mold on a tray. Pour mixture into ice molds, leaving some room at the top. 

Sprinkle the yogurt mixture with their favorite fruit, treat, or shredded meat. Transfer the tray and completed treats to the freezer for about 4 hours. 

Serve to your dog as a treat or inside a Kong toy. If your dog is a slow eater, be sure to be mindful where you give them the treats so they don’t stain fabrics or carpets!

Enrichment Activities for hot days:

It is important to play games with your dogs that help them stay cool in the summer. Consider setting up a baby pool for your pup, turning on the sprinklers, and taking walk near streams so they can hop into the water to cool down.

Another fun activity is to create a fun Ice Block for them! These are so fun because not only will it keep your pup cool, it can serve as great entertainment and brain drain for them.

Making these is simple: consider adding many of the same ingredients as your frozen smoothie treats and layer them in the mold to create a long-lasting scavenger hunt for your pup!

Cool Treats for Hot Dogs: Treats to keep your pup cool 2

Freeze your ice block in layers to help keep the goodies suspended throughout your block. You can use plain water or a mix of broth or yogurt to keep it tasty. You can freeze both toys and treats to hold their interest. You can use any plastic container like a take-out food container or used ice cream bucket as a mold. Give them to your dog in a grassy area for long lasting fun!

Both of these treats are a fantastic way to keep your pup cool or to help them cool down after a walk. They are a great way to help give your pup some fun variety as part of a full and happy life!

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