Giving Medications to Pets

All pets will need medication at some point in their lives. While it is important to teach our pets to enjoy being handled, it is equally important that we help give them the best experience possible regardless of how much training they have had. Food is a great distractor for delivering medications. You can hide the medication inside a food item (like inside a “treatball”), or by using the food to keep their attention and creating a positive association while you administer a topical medication or an injection.  If you have no other pets around, sometimes it can be helpful to “accidentally” drop a treatball on the floor for your pet. Most pets are more than happy to quickly eat up a little bit of food the humans drop from the kitchen counter!!

One of my favorite tricks not included in the poster below is to coat a pill in either butter or coconut oil, freeze for a minute or two, and offer it as a treat. The butter or coconut oil will help it slide right down, and having the outer coating it lightly frozen keeps them from licking the coating off the pill!

Here are a few ways to help make giving medications to you pets easier:

Giving Medications to Pets 1

Having to give pills can be difficult and stressful. Here are some tips for helping your pet accept and enjoy being handled while you deliver a pill.

Giving Medications to Pets 2

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