Notes on TTouch

This gentle method is currently being used by animal owners, trainers, breeders, veterinarians, zoo personnel and shelter workers in several countries. There are many certified practitioners teaching TTouch around the world who can show you how to help you with your dog, cat or other pet.

Learn more about TTouch here.

According to the Tellington TTouch website, using TTouch techniques can: 

     •  Improve communication and relationship between you and your dog|
       That offers solutions to common behavioral and physical problems
       That educates a dog to adapt to different situations
       That enhances performance

 Tellington TTouch for dogs can help in cases of:

     Excessive Barking & Chewing                  Leash Pulling
    Jumping Up                                                          Aggressive Behavior
    Extreme Fear & Shyness                              Resistance to Grooming
    Excitability & Nervousness                        Car Sickness
    Problems Associated With Aging




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©2013 Lili Chin
A series of sketches and notes that Lili first posted about on Boogie’s Blog and inspired by Lori Stevens’ TTouch DVD series.