Five Key Categories

There are Five Key Categories that influence your dog’s home life and behavior. By meeting their needs in each of these categories, we can be sure to give them a full and happy life. Our Lucky Pup Guide goes over these Five Key Categories and how they effect whether or not your dog, and your family, is living their best life. (Remember that Explorer Members get 50% off the Guide by using the code Explorer50 at checkout). In the Guide we use our PUPS method to look at the WHY behind each category and investigate HOW they effect your dog, their behavior, and your family life. 

Remember that each pet in an individual, and some pets will have more needs in some categories than others. For example, one of my dogs needs much more cuddle time to be happy, and another dog needs more physical exercise to live her best life. While these needs are unique, the framework is the same for all of them.

Five Key Categories 1

When considering where to start with our dogs, we always start at the bottom of our pyramid. Our priorities should start at the base and move our way up the pyramid for maximum results. We can work on the upper-level layers, but they will not have the same effect on our dog’s overall well-being.

Home Set Up & Physical Care
This is providing a safe place for them in your home, being sure they are healthy, meeting their grooming needs, and are feeling physically comfortable and well.

Filling Their Tank
We need to provide them security in routines, being their emotional anchor in our human-centered world, and providing new experiences and sufficient exercise.

Building Relationships
Giving our pet their best life includes ensuring they have good relationships with us, with other members of their family, friends, and other pets in your home .

Life & Communication
This level focuses on having a great home life with setting rules and boundaries, communicating and training with our dogs, and providing supervision and guidance to set them up for success.

Put Their Brain To Work!
Lastly, we want to provide variety in their life, putting their instincts to work, and letting our dogs be dogs!

Five Key Categories 2

We talk a lot about the importance of meeting all of our dog’s needs. This is what sets pet owners apart: providing basic care vs. giving them a full and happy life. We believe that for a pet to live their best lives, we need to consider providing for all of their Five Key Categories.

We don’t have to complete a long checklist of “stuff” to do every day, but overtime we need to balance out these categories to be sure we are giving our pets their best. It can be easy to give more from one category than another. Live gets busy and we all have things we personally prefer doing over another. Sometimes we just feel tired at the end of the day! This can be even harder when you have multiple pets. While we might usually do group activities and outings with all of our pets at the same time, most pets love getting some one-on-one time!

Sometimes it just takes a few minutes together doing something special from one of these Key Categories, but it will make a big impact in giving them a great life.