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Welcome to our Lucky Pup Explorer Family! We are on a mission to help you give your best life together with your pets. We are so happy to have you here and we can’t wait to show you around.


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As a pet owner, you want to be a good steward for your pet. You know that your dog is special and you want to live a happy and
fulfilled life together. I have learned a lot of hard lessons with my dogs over the years, as well as all that I have learned by working with hundreds of pets and reading as much as I could over the years. When I look at all of my biggest lessons in life – both with and without my dogs – the biggest things I have learned are:

          1) It’s all connected,
          2) The problem isn’t (usually) the problem, and
          3) We can’t have anything if we don’t have a relationship first.

I was in my early twenties, fresh out of college and so excited to get a dog.  Our first dog, Casey, was a 9-year-old Golden Retriever. She was the goodest girl I had ever met (with a bit of a naughty streak), and we instantly fell head over heels for her. Everything was going great and we loved all of the joy she brought to our house. Around 6 months later, we decided to add a second dog to our family. This time it was a little black-and-white mixed breed puppy named Crosby that came home with us. 

Everything started off great. (Except for their rocky intro – another story for another day!) Then things started getting – uh – interesting. Within a short period of time our next-door neighbors threatened to call the cops on our puppy that howled all day, I was trying to run with him every morning before work (doesn’t everyone say a tired dog is a happy dog?!?), and he ate our couch(es) and cushions, dug up our yard, and destroyed so. many. things.  


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(I'll give you one guess as to why the couch is covered.)

We quickly learned that becoming responsible pet owners was about more than keeping them fed, healthy, on leash and in our yard.  In fact, there was WAY more to having a content dog who didn’t rip your couch cushions apart, get into everything, and drive the whole house completely bonkers that most anyone tells you about.

The lessons that little puppy taught me really changed everything. I soon realized we needed to zoom out, look at the whole picture, and meet all  of our pet’s individual needs.

Real talk for a minute here – I was tired and mentally exhausted. I had this dog that I was resigned to just learn how to live with. Really though, I thought we were just going to survive each other.  I hate the way that sounds, but it is the God Honest truth. We didn’t particularly enjoy each other. I knew there was something missing in our lives, but I couldn’t quite figure it out. And I couldn’t quite figure him  out, either.  But now? I honestly cannot imagine life without him. Truly.

So what is the difference between then and now?

I understand why he does what he does, I understand what he needs for me to give him his best life, and I know how to integrate those things into our lives. 

By knowing these things about our pet, we can help us all  live a full and happy life together. I found that a lot of people talk about the importance of your pet having a great life, but that very few trainers or online experts actually provided a step-by-step assessment tool to help people do just that.

So, our Lucky Pup Guide was born. This guide was created to help you understand why your dog has certain needs, identify what those are for your particular dog, and how to prioritize any changes you might want to make to help your pup live their best life.  It is a really great information-packed course. (All Explorer members get it for 50% off using the code Explorer50 at checkout. I really hope you can get in there, too.)

This online community takes the Guide a step farther and we actually start to implement the lessons taught in the Guide and help you understand how to integrate them into your life with your pets.

We know that “giving them their best life” means something different to all of us. All pets and families have their own unique needs and special circumstances. Here, we will help you apply these lessons to your specific pets. Side-by-side we help you and your fellow Explorers make the most out of life together with your pets. Together, we will:


          Prepare for a happy and fulfilled lifetime together with our pets
          Understand the why behind our pets behavior
          Plan to give them a full life with important, quality of life topics
          and Start a new adventure with our Resource Library

All lessons will be broken down into our three Stages of Learning.  Our goals are to help you apply the best lesson to your situation by understanding:

          1) How it’s all connected,
          2) The problem isn’t (usually) the problem – meaning, we are looking for the problem behind the problem. and 
          3) We can’t have anything if we don’t have a relationship with our pets first.

In our private online community, you can ask questions and do a deeper dive into these lessons. This is where we all hang out together and you can get feedback on how you are applying what you are learning. This is where Exploring Their Best Life happens!

If you have any questions, head over to the group!
Have something just for me? Send an email to info@luckypupadventures.com.

Don’t forget to head into the Resource Library for more.  We are continually updating the Library with more information!