Stages of Learning

We are so excited that you decided to join us as you explore how to give your pets their best life! You and your fellow Explorers explore what it means to give your pets a full and happy life with you. This means something different to everyone, which is what makes this space so special. 


We will post a lot about our different Explorer types. They are simply a way to help you evaluate your progress on any particular topic. You or your pet will likely be a different Explorer type depending on the topic at hand. 

Our types and definitions are:

 Explorer:  you or your pet are new to or have very little experience with the topic.

Grower: you or your pet have some experience, but are not yet proficient.

Challenger: you or your pet have lots of experience and are ready for a challenge!


Each of our Stages of Learning have different goals associated with them.

Our general goals for each stage are:

Explorers: Prepare you or your pet for success! Explore their comfort and ability with this new skill. Help them create a happy feeling with this new experience.

Growers: Grow your or your pet’s understanding! Build up their confidence by increasing the difficulty and still having fun. Help them create good associations with this next level.

Challengers:  Learn how to challenge your or your pet’s abilities! At this level we apply their learned skills in a new or more challenging way. 


Lastly, we want to know when we can advance to the next level and Stage of Learning.

You or your pet is ready for the next level when:

Explorers: Advance to Growers when you or your pet feel reliably comfortable and confident with your or their new skill.

Growers: Transition to Challengers when you or they become consistently proficient. This means they are confident and reliable with the new skill or task no less than 85% of the time!

Challengers: Continue to increase your Challenges with added difficulty when the new skill becomes too easy. You can make challenges more difficult by increasing the 3 D’s – duration, distance, and distractions!


Have questions? Post them in our private Facebook community! We want to help you have the best time exploring what it means to live your best life together with your pets!