Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Professional Dog Walker

Have you been thinking about how your schedule and your pet could benefit from a dog walker? Here are our top five ways pro can help you out!

1) Your Schedule is Hectic

Whether your work long or unpredictable hours, a professional dog walker can help give your schedule a break!  We can alleviate your stress knowing your pup will never have to wait too long for a potty break again.

Black lab on leash in the snow

2) They Are Knowledgeable Handlers

A professional dog walker has the skills necessary to keep your pet safe out on a walk.  Whether your pup needs to brush up on their loose-leash walking or is reactive to other dogs or people, we can help!

Closeup of pit bull on walk in winter

3) You Need Some Time Back In Your Day

You work hard!  Your family, your job, and your extra-curricular activities all have demands on your time. Leave the walks and exercise to us! A professional dog walker can help you focus your time on the things you need to do most.

Mixed breed dog on leash

4) Your Dog Needs More Exercise

Has your pet put on some extra weight?  Are they so high energy that they bounce off the walls when you get home at night? We can help! We have a “box of tricks” to utilize to provide your pet with physical and mental exercise they need.

Brindle dog on leash looking at sunset

5) It Gives You Peace of Mind

Making the decision to hire a profession dog walker can be difficult.  You will be inviting this person into your home and to care for one of your most valuable family members. A professional dog walker helps provide your pup with the mental and physical exercise they need to live a long and healthy life.

Collie puppy with leash in mouth

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